History of Edirne and General Information

edirne meric nehri
edirne meric nehri

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Edirne is a historical city and has preserved its importance and value throughout history.

It is known that Edirne was founded by the Thracians who migrated from Central Asia and settled here in ancient times. Later, Alexander the Great included these places within the vast borders of the Macedonian Empire.

Later, these lands, which were dominated by the Romans, fell to the share of Eastern Byzantium with the division of the Roman Empire into two in 395.

The city, which was built as if it was re-established by Hadrianus II, one of the Roman Emperors, was named after him (Hadrianapolis). In 586, the Avar Turks besieged this place, but they returned without being able to take it.

Bulgarian Turks succeeded in seizing the city in 914. This city, which later passed back to Byzantium and was besieged for the second time by the Pecheneg Turks in 1050 and 1078, was finally conquered by Sultan Murat I in 1361 and became the throne (chief) city of the Ottoman Empire and was a capital city for 92 years until Istanbul was conquered in 1453. (capital) remained. During these years, it has experienced the most glorious days of its history.

Edirne was a province of Rumeli Beylerbey under the name of “Pasha Sanjak” during the Ottoman Empire. The headquarters of the Beylerbeylik was located in Sofia. Edirne was known as the university city of the empire. XVII. The city, which became one of the few largest cities in the world in the XVIII century. century entered a period of decline. Two great fires in 1745 and 1751 destroyed Edirne to a large extent.

Önerilen İçerik :   Grand Synagogue of Edirne

On August 22, 1829, when the Russians entered the city and stayed for a few months, Edirne was the first invasion disaster. Edirne was again the scene of 13 months of occupation by the Russians on January 20, 1887, by the Bulgarians on March 26, 1913 for four months, and by the Greeks for two years in the 1920s. Today, the city of Edirne, which has the border gates of our country opening to Europe by road, was liberated from the enemy occupation on November 25, 1922.

History of Edirne and General Information

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