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During his stay in Edirne, Atatürk continued his work in the hall on the upper floor of the municipality, which is used as the Municipal Assembly Hall, which is accessed by hanging stairs. This hall is entered from the right and left through two wooden glass doors. There is a table in the middle. Gazi received his guests and relatives in this hall. Atatürk’s table, which is a cultural forum, was established around this hall and this table. The criticism and discussion of Ata’s impressions about various problems of Edirne were expressed at this table.

The Menemen reactionary event took place during Gazi’s trip to Edirne. The measures and necessary actions of this event were decided in this hall. Dr. According to the memory of İbrahim Sakaoğlu, which he listened to from the Mayor of the time, Ekrem Demirey, Atatürk gave the order to the Minister of Internal Affairs Şükrü Kaya to “Delete Menemen from the map” in this hall.

Right next to the hall where such important decisions are taken, there is the room where Ata stayed.

The room to the west of the above-mentioned Municipal Assembly Hall is called the “ATATÜRK ROOM”. When Gazi Mustafa Kemal came to Edirne as President in 1930, they stayed in this room.

Until 1978, this room was used as the municipality’s guest room. On the 48th anniversary of Atatürk’s arrival in Edirne as the President, as a result of the examination and research carried out by the committee formed by Latif Bağman and Oral Onur under the presidency of Mayor Güngör Mazlum at that time, it was decided that this room, where Ata slept for four nights, would be restored to its 1930 state.

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The people who lived in those days and were present in the preparation of this room were interviewed and the layouts of the beds, bedsteads, wardrobes, tables and armchairs were determined. The items that were used in those days in various apartments of the municipality were found and placed in the room. The curtains of that day were renewed because they were very old. It was learned from Fahrünnisa Bilgen, the wife of our former Mayor Şerif Bilgen and the mother of Süleyman Bilgen, a member of the 1961 founding council, that the beds, duvets and blankets were bought from the notables of Edirne and that there was a brown and white Siirt blanket on the bed. It is understood that both this blanket and the writing set used by Atatürk are found in the Atlığ family in our city and are taken from this family in the anniversary ceremonies and placed in the ATATÜRK ROOM.

Atatürk Chamber was transformed into ‘ATATÜRK MUSEUM’ by Mayor Güngör Mazlum. It was inaugurated by the Governor Bekir Öztürk at the first celebration ceremony held on 21 December 1978.

The room is 5.10 meters wide, 6.50 meters long and 5.50 meters high. Its ceiling is embroidered with motifs, and its base is a ash-coloured 6.50 m-4.30 m. sized, with a central core motif floor carpet. When you enter through the door, there are silver dinner, champagne, wine and liquor sets used when Atatürk came to Edirne in a glass showcase between two windows. Among these sets, there is a silver coffee cup and a silver sugar bowl that Ata used alone. Forks, spoons, knives, three pans with silver lids, silver soup with trays, nut and compote sets are in the same showcase. On this showcase, a colorful portrait of Atatürk with boots, whip and marshal clothes, with his horse in the background and Ankara look, made by the Painter Prof.Arthur Kampf in 1927, was hung.

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On the left is a walnut veneer bed, on the right is a mirrored dresser and magnetic phone, on the left of the bed is a walnut veneer wardrobe, the bed is wool, the quilt is satin and yellow. The brown Siirt blanket on the bed, as mentioned above, was taken from Edirne Yeniimaret notables from Muhlis Atlığ family. While these blanket girls were hidden in Nurten Atlığ (Tükelman), they were registered in the fixture of Edirne Municipality. Next to the wardrobe, in another glass showcase, there are milk sets, compotes, tea sets, two vases and porcelain items in three eyes, and a silver dinner service set in a leather-covered velvet bag at the bottom. 1.40 x 2.30 m. on the wall at the head of the bed. size yellow star framed painter Hasan Rıza Bey’s 1903 oil painting mother, child and lambs spring is hanging. It is said that Atatürk found this painting very meaningful and loved it very much.

On the upper part of the entrance door from the inside hangs the painting BOATS ON THE RIVER, of the same size, by another artist. Large cast iron motif stove on the right side of the door. This stove was brought from the Cinema and Theater building that Sultan Reşat had built in Edirne. In the right corner, there is a glass, wooden vienna style display cabinet with a corner cabinet. Below this, the same edition numbers of the newspapers published in the Istanbul, Ankara and Edirne press, which determined the arrival of Gazi in Edirne in 1930, are included. There is a section of porcelain dinnerware in the other showcases in the glassed-in section at the top. Right next to the corner cupboard, there is a valuable 80 cm high, dark green, Chinese work vase with a broken rim. A solid walnut table with three elephant legs, a velvet fringed cover on it. At the level of the right window of the room, around the table are two armchairs of the same quality as a four-seater solid walnut sofa, the leather-covered sofa and armchairs are made in 1915.

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On the right wall, a wall clock with a 30x100cm pendulum against the cot. There are 3 Windows in the room, 2 on the wall behind the door and 1 on the right wall. They are 1.40×3.40 meters in size. Dark brown corns with wooden motifs above the Windows. The curtains are colored, velvet, long enough to the water-drenched, double-winged place. And white jumpsuits without patterns. In the room, right in the middle of the ceiling, the Czechoslovakian Criteria 1905-built 12-candle crystal chandelier. When Gazi Edirne came to this chandelier, electricity was supplied from a generator installed in front of the Arasta. Behind the wardrobe is a door. When Gazi came to Mustafa Kemal Edirne, a 2.10 x 4.00 meter bathroom apartment was constructed using this door. The bathroom is equipped with hot water thermosphere and bathtub.


Ataturk Room

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